Kiwabag Phone Cases are Funky, Homemade Designer Pieces

 - Feb 14, 2011
References: etsy & kiwabags.etsy
Carrying Kiwabag iPhone cases around must feel like being Crocodile Dundee: "That's not a phone. THIS is a phone!"

The Beijing-based designer specializing in handmade leather iPhone and iPad cases also features classic brown leather designs, but these ergonomically shaped Kiwabag iPhone cases are colorful pouches that are surely exceptional.

Ultimately, this Etsy retailer creates cases that are far from ordinary. Kiwabag iPhone cases will surely make you stand out as an individual.

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In a world where every person you pass on the street is walking around with the same phone, it's easy to lose track of individual flavor and spice. These Kiwabag phone cases will ensure you stand out from the crowd, and in the tradition of good craftsmanship, protect your phone and marry practicality and style.