- Dec 1, 2014
These quilted fashion examples range from duvet cover menswear to stitched leather accessories that are a modern update on luxe classics. Standouts from this list of quilted fashions include Chanel's limited edition headphones that are packaged in an accompanying carryall.

Known for its quilted handbag stitching, the iconic fashion house presents their signature in a new and innovative way. Another memorable example from this list is designer Craig Green's duvet-inspired menswear range.

Craig's collection featured and abundance of light-weight outerwear that resembles quilted bedding. Despite of its unconventional aesthetic, the collection was impeccably tailored and modern.

In addition to remixed luxury handbags and unconventional menswear looks, other quilted fashion examples from this list include opulent biker helmets that are more about style than safety and quilted sneakers that marry aesthetics with comfort.

From Duvet Cover Menswear to Stitched Leather Accessories: