The Snakeskin Pink High Tops from Chloe are Urban Chic

 - Aug 1, 2013
References: fancy
Sneakers are a big deal these days and the snakeskin pink high tops from 'Chloe' are definitely ahead of the curve. With both snakeskin and lambskin leather, along with tonal laces, a pull tab at the ankle and a quilted collar, they're undoubtedly stylish.

The thing with sneaker culture is that you can't just go out and grab a pair that one of your friends already has. You need to have something different, something that sets you apart and sparks questions about where you got them. These pink high tops are perfect for that very need. With such a distinct design and a pale pink coloring, they're certainty not your average sneaker. On top of all of that, the snakeskin leather really places these kicks into a league of their own.