- Feb 19, 2015
Even though Converse shoes have been around for ages, Chuck Taylor sneakers are still in high demand.

When it comes to the iconic American canvas kicks the brand regularly collaborates with other designers, companies, media organizations and brands to create fresh new prints. This can be seen with the Andy Warhol themed artist-inspired sneakers, the Hudson Bay-incorporating blanket-themed shoes or Dark Knight high-tops. People have even taken to decorating their own Chuck Taylor sneakers to stand out with DIY Americana footwear, glowing electric sneakers and customized flashy footwear. Moving beyond the standard rubber toed shoes, Converse has also designed memorable footwear like stylishly functional skate shoes, winterized down sneakers, rebellious rapper sneakers, timeless tribute footwear and iconic comic strip kicks.

Converse clearly excels at staying recognizable while also constantly changing things up.

From Vintage Freedom-Fighting Kicks to Motorbike Jacket-Inspired Shoes: