The Glow in the Dark Converse Shoes are Designed by You

The Glow in the Dark Converse shoes aren't exactly the chucks that dad would wear. The days of black and white high-tops are over now that these glowing green shoes have strolled into town.

When it comes to customizing a shoe, Converse lets their customers decide everything. Designing a pair of glow-in-the-dark shoes is a 14-step process which includes deciding which parts glow and what print is included. Converse has a selection of pop-art style patterns that really make these shoes fresher than organic tomatoes. One can even decide if they want the stitching to glow or not (talk about detail)!

What's on one's feet says a lot about their personality, and the Glow in the Dark Converse kicks allows one to show expression with a punch of color.