This Christopher Raeburn Rat Bag is Both Cute and Creepy

This Christopher Raeburn rat purse is adorable as long as it's not carrying the black death. Don't get this mixed up with the real thing or you might give yourself quite a fright. If you're an animal lover or just an odd-ball who likes to freak out the faint of heart, this little clutch is great for you.

This little rodent bag is made of nylon and is quilted. It was made by British artist and fashion designer Christopher Raeburn. The rat hangs from a leather adjustable shoulder strap. He hangs there immobile, looking interested in what you're doing.

The eyes of the rat are little black stitched crosses. His tail is detached to the rest of his body and hangs down a little by a string. The bag opens at the back of the animal with a silver zipper.