The Canon Mixed Reality Set Allows User Manipulation of 3D Space

 - Feb 23, 2013
References: engadget & mashable
Google glass isn't even out yet, but that isn't stopping the Canon Mixed Reality headset for emerging as a real competitor for the emerging augmented reality eyewear arena.

The Canon Mixed Reality headset is not actually a direct competitor to Google. It's designed with high end business applications in mind, as evidenced by its $125,000 price tag on top of $25,000 rough annual maintenance. For a company that wants to design a product virtually in a 3D space however, that $125,000 is way cheaper than producing lots of prototypes that might never make it to the consumer production stage.

The headset itself seems right out of Sci-Fi classics like Minority Report or Star Trek. A user can be in an empty room with nothing but a chair; with the headset on, the user can instantly be transported behind the wheel of a car or manipulate a 3D object using gestures.