The DARPA Hologram Goggles Make Calling in Air Strikes Easier

 - Apr 15, 2011
References: wired & dvice
By developing hologram goggles that directly link troops on the ground to their manned or unmanned air support, DARPA hopes to make it easier for soldiers on the ground to call in air support. The DARPA hologram goggles would be about the size of a regular pair of sunglasses and would use augmented reality.

The augmented reality portion of the DARPA hologram goggles would be used to help soldiers on the ground view their air supports ordinance and relay data like coordinates and targets back to the pilots/drones. The glasses would be a mere 3 millimeters thick and have a transparent display when not in use. DARPA has given the hologram contract to regulars Northrop Grummanm and Raytheon. Tiny newcomer, New York-based augmented reality eyewear company Vuzix Corp., is also getting in on the action. I'm not a fan of war in any way, but technology that reduces civilian casualties and keeps troops safer is A-OK in my book.