- Jul 24, 2013
Robotic bugs, though they're often faceless and metal-framed, are easily identifiable by their six-plus limbs. From flying insects to fuzzy arachnids, many replicas of critters have been constructed. Most are controllable by remotes, serving as fun toys that prove technological innovation. The BionicOpter by Festo is a robotic dragonfly that flies aerodynamically and smoothly. Its streamlined shape immaculately mimics the appearance of dragonflies.

While some creations are not scary in appearance, others are visually cringe-worthy. The red, green and black Infrared RC USB Centipede is giant and very realistic. The USB-chargeable toy lasts for around 20 minutes. The 3D-printed 'T8' spider by 'Robugtix' could also be frightening. The black spider is shaped just like a real arachnids, with built-in motors and engines that allows it to move fluidly like a real spider.

These Robotic Critters are Remote Controlled: