Dean Christ's Controversial Collection Casts Eye On Warfare

 - Mar 9, 2009
References: ubyka
Dean Christ has created a collection of real bugs fitted with military hardware inspired by DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) to draw attention to the millions of dollars spent on military projects commissioned by DARPA.

The family of bugs include: M1 Scorpion Tank with Bio-Toxin injection, B-53 Bombarder Beetle with Smart Bomb, V8 Spyder Roadster with Bio Toxin Injection, Battle Bat with bombs on wings, M8 Sentinal Scorpion with advanced radar sensors, and an F-17 Blitz Beetle with missiles.

Check out the video to see what other researchers are doing with bugs. I’m not concerned about these experiments because I don’t believe we will have enough animals left on Earth to undertake "animal warfare."

Image copyright to the artist Dean Christ.