From Honeycomb Brass Knuckles to Insect Swarm Weddings

 - Jul 25, 2012
These buzzing bee innovations show off the ways in which this almighty insect has influenced people's daily lives.

The honeycomb, in particular, has been a massive influence in terms of design, especially with regard to furniture. The symmetrical and recognizable form of these naturally occurring structures has offered inspiration to designers of all kinds.

Though known for their ability to sting, many bee-inspired products use the association to promote a cutesy image, one that plays off of the sweetness of honey and cartoonish imagery of the animals. In any case, the uses of both bees as a concept and honeycombs as a design is an undeniable fad in many different industries.

Whether you consider them a nuisance or a blessing, these stinging insects will likely continue to create a buzz in popular culture and beyond.