Honeycomb Housing Complex

 - Jun 26, 2008   Updated: Jun 10 2011
References: ofis-a.si & best-housedesign.blogspot
This very low budget social housing complex for young families and couples in Slovenia features a unique Honeycomb design inspired by the kingdom of bees.

Located on the Slovenian coast in Izola, the façade offers nice views towards the sea, even when the blinds are closed via semi-transparent angled textile shadings. Also, the design smartly changes the rhythm of balconies to create dynamic elevations and offer privacy.

Implications - The balconies are also designed to help with ventilation throughout the apartment. When it is hot, the heat accumulates behind the shading and gets vented out through holes in the sides of the balconies. When it is winter, the warm air that accumulates helps to keep the indoors warm.