- Oct 17, 2013
Experimenting with form and structure is a great way to turn an ordinary building into a stand-out feature, and these protruding architectural structures are here to showcase that abstract design can produce a mind-blowing appearance.

While having objects stick out or oddly angled may seem like a deformity or mistake, these protruding architectural structures are demonstrating that intentionally odd designs can be wonderfully appealing. Featuring all kinds of artistic techniques such as angular rooftops, sloped exteriors and three-dimensional aspects, these protruding structures are sure to stand out amongst the more ordinary, geometric buildings.

From protruding window architecture to bridged balcony buildings, these whimsically offbeat structural designs will surely have any architectural enthusiast bursting with amazement and curiosity. A creative way to deviate from conventionality and the norm, these protruding pieces of architecture will definitely have people talking for a while to come.

From Folding Facade Abodes to Tetris-Inspired Banks: