Pomme Sucre by Francesc Rife is a Stylish & Sweet Space

 - Feb 12, 2012
References: rife-design & knstrct
Pomme Sucre, a pastry shop located in Spain, boasts a cool and modern interior design, thanks to emerging Spanish designer Francesc Rifé. Rifé's keen eye for contemporary details has enabled him to infuse the interior of Pomme Sucre with a vibrant and modern design one would not expect of a bakery.

Offering a boutique-like look, Pomme Sucre's interior seems more suitable for housing fine jewelry and fashion products than desserts, but it is this unexpected design that will entice Pomme Sucre's customers. With bright yellow accents, the store design comprises boxed shelves that are built into the walls and built to protrude from it, with the shop's wares encased in glass. As Knstrct.com describes, the place offers "a sort of boxes within a box feel."