The Entangled Pavilion Self-Changes Shape At Visitors' Wishes

 - May 23, 2013
References: michaeljantzen & archinect
The Entangled Pavilion by Michael Jantzen imagines a building that can transform into its visitors’ wishes. It is a form of architecture that can be fully responsive to the people in it.

This interactive structure would consist of pivoting roof segments and support frames. Each of its four roof segments have motorized wheels that move independently.

Visitors will see a smaller model of the pavilion placed in the middle of the life-sized one. There, they will be able to move segments of the mini pavilion into whatever configuration they wish. When happy with the form of the model, visitors will be able to press the "move" button; the life-sized pavilion will then automatically position itself like the model. In essence, the structure will continually transform to accommodate the needs or taste of its visitors.

The self-changing pavilion would be an interesting and futuristic concept that could cultivate its visitors’ creativity.