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No longer built solely for function, cityscapes and structural designs are going above and beyond traditional blueprints for artistic expression. From contemporary homes to sustainable architecture and abstract buildings, Trend Hunter’s architecture category is here to offer some insight into how structural designs are changing due to modern and contemporary inspirations.
Sustainably Sleek Skyscrapers
Sustainably Sleek Skyscrapers
The 'Tower C' Skyscrapers Exemplify Eco-Friendly Urban Architecture
The city of Shenzhen is China is set to get a new centerpiece in the form of Tower C, a sustainable, eye-catching and exceptionally sleek skyscraper project envisioned by none other than the world-... MORE
100 Gift Ideas for Artists
100 Gift Ideas for Artists
From Artful Custom Stools to Elegant Limited Edition Rugs
This roundup of gift ideas for artists are catered to brighten up the holiday season for one’s creative peers. Many of the examples celebrate individual artists and their respective work. Some... MORE
Monochromatic Monolithic Cabins
Monochromatic Monolithic Cabins
The Poisson Blanc Cabin Has 1,200-Square-Feet of Living Space
The Poisson Blanc Cabin is an ultra-modern structure located in the forest of Laurentides, Quebec, Canada where it stands as a minimalist retreat that will support comfortable living at anytime of... MORE
Energy Efficient Tiny Homes
Energy Efficient Tiny Homes
The 'Kirimoko' Tiny House Follows the Passive House Construction Ethos
The ‘Kirimoko’ tiny house has been designed by the Condon Scott Architects in Wanaka, New Zealand as a stylishly efficient living space for the clients. The home is constructed using the... MORE
Mirrored Supplemental Property Cabins
Mirrored Supplemental Property Cabins
The ÖÖD Mirror House Offers Space for Guests or as an Office
Many land owners and professionals alike are searching for ways to enhance the amount of usable space they have available now more than ever, which is making solutions like the ÖÖD Mirror House... MORE
Cat-Friendly Tiny Homes
Cat-Friendly Tiny Homes
The Build Tiny Cyril Tiny House Offers Space for Felines to Play
The Build Tiny Cyril Tiny House is a modern micro dwelling that is focused on providing inhabitants with all the essential space they need to live, work and play. The tiny home features a two-level... MORE
Pollution-Absorbing Murals
Pollution-Absorbing Murals
Converse Unveiled Murals That Absorb as Much Pollution as 1,470 Trees
As part of its City-Forests campaign, Converse, the iconic shoe brand, launched new pollution-absorbing murals that attract and convert airborne pollutants into harmless nitrate. The Converse City... MORE
Adjustable Dynamic Wilderness Cabins
Adjustable Dynamic Wilderness Cabins
The 'ANNA' Cabin Can be Changed to Suit Specific Needs
Customization is quickly becoming key in the architecture world as consumers seek out dwellings that can accommodate their every need, which is seeing examples like the ‘ANNA’ Cabin be... MORE
On-the-Go Vaccine
Concepts for vaccination centres are prioritizing efficiency and convenience
Trend - Designers and brands are working to expedite the COVID-19 vaccination delivery by proposing new formats. Concepts here range from drive-thru convenience to restaurants who are collaborating with health care officials to provide additional space.
Workshop Question - Conceptualize a product/service to better the effectiveness of the healthcare industry.
Ultra-Modern A-Frame Cabins
Ultra-Modern A-Frame Cabins
The Lima Cabin Offers Ample Open-Concept Living Space
The A-frame cabin has a humble history and aesthetic, but the Lima Cabin has been designed to change this with an ultra-modern construction that is as stylish as it is functional. The cabin boasts a... MORE
Cross-Laminated Timber Cabins
Cross-Laminated Timber Cabins
The 'Kynttilä' Cabin is Prefab and Takes One Day to be Assembled
Off-grid cabin living has become quite appealing as of late, but is being positioned as even more realistic than ever with achievements like the ‘Kynttilä’ cabin. Designed by Ortraum... MORE
Resuscitated Runway Parks
Resuscitated Runway Parks
This Elegant Park Integrates Elements Of Shanghai's Old Longhua Airport
Travelers who landed in Shangai’s old Longhua Airport may want to plan another trip to the Chinese city in the future to take in the tremendous transformation of the airport’s runway... MORE
Modern Balinese Cabin Designs
Modern Balinese Cabin Designs
The Conceptual 'Eibche' Cabins Have a Minimal Yet Comfortable Design
The conceptual ‘Eibche’ cabins have been designed by the Shomali Design Studio as a modern take on the humble Balinese cabin in a bid to help merge traditions with present capabilities.... MORE
Triple-Tier Bamboo Homes
Triple-Tier Bamboo Homes
This Indonesian Dwelling Uses Local Bamboo & Recycled Plastic Panels
The scenic locales of rural Indonesia are set to play host to a remarkable three-story bamboo home that makes use of locally derived bamboo and stone as well as recycled plastic, making for a truly... MORE
Drive-Through Vaccination Clinics
Drive-Through Vaccination Clinics
Architect NBBJ Boasts a Concept for Prefab Drive-Through Clinics
This drive-through vaccination clinic is just one of the examples that speak to how COVID-19 has motivated architects and designers to create various products that are specifically tailored to meet... MORE
Reusable Exhibition Stands
Reusable Exhibition Stands
Note Design Studio's Installation Supports the Circular Economy
Note Design Studio is upholding the principles of reversible design with this installation that it created for flooring manufacturer Tarkett for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. The exhibition... MORE
Flat-Pack Rural Escape Pods
Flat-Pack Rural Escape Pods
The Jupe Urban Escape Pod Offers Comfortable Amenities
The Jupe Urban Escape Pod is a miniature getaway for urbanites who are looking for a cost-effective way to keep a secluded space for relaxation when living their day-to-day life in the city. The pod... MORE
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in November
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in November
From Wall-Mounted Chairs to Doodle-Displaying Projectors
These November 2020 art and design trends are full of creative concepts that are progressive and elevate a space or experience for consumers. One of these concepts is the Doodlight idea that allows... MORE
Eco Solar-Powered Tiny Homes
Eco Solar-Powered Tiny Homes
The GoSun Dream Tiny House will be Available in 2021
Tiny homes are inherently associated with having a smaller carbon footprint when compared to conventional housing, but the GoSun Dream Tiny House aims to take things even further in the eco-friendly... MORE
Shoppable Virtual Showhouses
Shoppable Virtual Showhouses
Seasonal Living Magazine Created a Designer House with AR Highlights
Seasonal Living Magazine created a first-of-its-kind shoppable luxury designer virtual showhouse that can be explored via Issuu online. Within a special edition of Seasonal Living Magazine, the... MORE
Tranquil Tree-Wrapped Cabins
Tranquil Tree-Wrapped Cabins
The 'Woodnest' Offers Relaxing Space for Up to Four People
The ‘Woodnest’ cabin is a comfortable, minimalist dwelling located in Norway that is focused on providing inhabitants with a tranquil space to relax as they enjoy a breathtaking view of... MORE
Innovative Upcycled Bricks
Innovative Upcycled Bricks
RMIT U Researchers Offers a Step-by-Step for Recycling Cigarette Butts
Recycling cigarette butts in an effective and sustainable way is a burning concern for many cities, especially when considering the statistics. It is estimated that “over six trillion cigarettes... MORE
Modular Floating Greenhouses
Modular Floating Greenhouses
The 'Jellyfish Barge' is an Alternative Way to Farm Produce
Global food demand is expected to increase dramatically in the coming decades which will be difficult for the existing agriculture system to support, so the ‘Jellyfish Barge’ has been... MORE
Reusable Taphouse Architecture
Reusable Taphouse Architecture
The Pakhuset Braunstein Taphouse Can be Moved in the Future
Coastal communities are expected to experience quite a change in topography as sea levels continue to rise due to climate change, which is exactly what the Pakhuset Braunstein taphouse is intended... MORE
Stacked Tennis Court Towers
Stacked Tennis Court Towers
The Conceptual 'Playscaper' by Carlo Ratti Makes Court Time Accessible
The conceptual ‘Playscaper’ is an urban architecture idea that solves the problem of limited linear space in a cityscape to provide inhabitants with a better way to access sports... MORE