DesignJoo's Honeybee Stool is Sweetly Simple

 - Jun 14, 2011
References: designjoo & core77
The Honeybee Stool is the perfect item for those who are in fear of the yellow and black insect but enjoy adorable home decor. Although bees terrify me, this seating option actually makes me think of green fields filled with flowers and hot, sunny days.

Created by South Korean designer Juil Kim of DesignJoo, the Honeybee Stool is cute, simple and full of personality. Like the butt of a bee, it has a curvaceous form that is striped horizontally. Thankfully, instead of a stinger, it has a metal stand that raises the cushion to a comfortable sitting position.

Sweet and minimal, the Honeybee Stool would fit perfectly into a family home or even a more casual den.