From Cushiony Critter Seating to Lifelike Taxidermy Tables

 - Oct 21, 2013
It is difficult to discern whether people who love animal-themed furniture love animals or hate animals. Luckily, there are vegan versions where the pieces were only inspired by a variety of critters and are cruelty free. Many of these items strongly resemble different creatures, and consist mostly of seating and tables. Given how many animals have four legs, just like many tables, the opportunities for animalistic muses are endless. Elephants and bugs are very popular, however. So are different sea creatures, like walruses. Other animal-themed furniture options include lighting, shelving and sinks. This does not include taxidermy or wild looking decor.

Choosing to integrate creaturesque elements into your home adds a wild look to your overall decor. This is great if you are going for a safari-like theme or if you are looking for a statement piece.