'Bear Hunter' is a Unique Take on An Animal Pelt by Lisa Lefevbre

 - Mar 15, 2010   Updated: Jun 22 2011
References: stilsucht.de
The 'Bear Hunter' by Lisa Lefevbre is a Persian carpet in the shape of an outstretched bear, complete with a plastic muzzle and teeth. This rug is great for animal-lovers who can afford a luxurious Persian carpet, but crave a unique shape.

Imagine snuggling up in front of a fire on this Persian bear rug -- t's not a soft as real bear skin, but it is prettier.

Implications - As environmentalists crack down on animal rights, consumers are becoming more aware of the animal cruelty that occurs in the creation of their products. These consumers are abandoning unethical products for more moral ones, but still wish to maintain style. Companies should adapt their products to make them more ethical if they wish to appeal to green and ethical consumers.