From Weaponized Camera Cases to Fire-Infused Alcohol

 - Jun 12, 2013
The annual Country Music Awards took place last week, injecting the world with a heavy dose of fun country singing and a ton of fantastic cowboy accessories. These cute cowboy must-haves are perfect for country music fans who want to celebrate their favorite music in style.

For country fans who appreciate a good whiskey, there is the cowboy boot beverage holder. Made from an old cowboy boot, this drink holder keeps 26 ounce bottles of Jack Daniels primed and ready to go when needed. Younger country music fans might prefer the boho cowgirl collection, a fashion collection that features a ton of soft, feminine cowgirl couture.

These cowboy accessories are a fantastic way to pay tribute to a culture that has been around as long as North America itself. With these fashionable cowboy accessories, fans of country music can dress, act and even eat and drink like a bonafide cowboy.