The Meyer-Lavigne Plates Capture Lovable Animals Whimsically

All those animal lovers out there will want to get their hands on these Meyer-Lavigne Plates. Both adorable and whimsical at the same time, the plates offer an exciting new way to enjoy your meals.

Featuring animals like horses and dogs, the Meyer-Lavigne Plates paint a different picture of what is normally seen from these animals. My favorite plate design is definitely the one illustrating a dog as a cowboy; completely absurd, but undeniably adorable.

Check out the Meyer-Lavigne Plates to spruce up that next plate of spaghetti.

Implications - Consumers in contemporary society are looking for more ways to express themselves than ever before. Everyday items that project a unique aspect of a shopper's personality appeal to those who want their purchases to reflect their interests. Companies could develop more of their products with an element of personalization in order to increase their profits.