- Apr 29, 2014
These eco-friendly glassware designs are perfect for any environmental enthusiast looking to add some practical, yet sustainable kitchenware items to their home.

When it comes to eco-friendly living, consumers are often hesitant to integrate sustainable methods into their lifestyle due to fears of inconvenience. These eco-friendly glassware designs however, have revolutionized ordinary kitchenware cups into wonderfully practical, yet environmentally friendly items. From glassware that have been upcycled from beer bottles to those that are plant-based and compostable, these eco-friendly glassware items will surely make living sustainably more accessible for the average consumer.

A great way to add practicality to eco consciousness, these sustainable glassware designs will surely add a lovely green touch to any kitchenware collection.

From Eco Infusing Cups to Recycled Beer Glasses: