Go Green with Eco-Friendly Beer Bottles from 'Who's Glass'

 - Dec 4, 2009
References: whosglass & allthingsgreen.net
Enjoy the refreshing taste of bottled beer in… a bottle. From the British company 'Who’s Glass' comes these eco-friendly beer bottles made from 100% recycled material.

In fact you may have already drank from one of these eco-friendly beer bottles before since all prodcuts are simply cut and reshaped from their original form and sold back to the public. This UK-based firm is known for being one of the most enironmentally friendly recycling companies as they let almost no material go to waste--unlike conventional recycling plants where a lot is lost in the melting process.

The 'Who's Glass' glass makers comprise of a father and two sons who are committed to making the most environmentally sound glassware products out there. Have these eco-friendly beer bottles at your next party and you’re sure to impress beer enthusiasts and environmentalist alike!