From Fragmented Coffee Cups to Splintered Kitchen Strainers

 - Aug 4, 2014
If pristine and well-kept products are elements that you admire, then these intentionally cracked kitchenware pieces may shock you with their use of broken and fragmented design aesthetics.

While a chipped mug or broken plate would ordinarily require homeowners to throw these kitchenware pieces away, contemporary retailers are incorporating that fragmented appearance into modern goods to create a deceptive exterior look. Making these kitchenware products look as if they have fallen or broken to pieces, these creative designs showcase a move toward more illusory design aesthetics, even in areas of home decor and kitchenware. From purposely fragmented coffee cups to seemingly cracked dishes and serving platters, these intentionally damaged kitchenware designs will surely have guests pondering why you haven't thrown these products out yet.