This Multifunctional Cutlery Design Brings Out the Heart in Mundane Activities

 - Aug 17, 2013
References: fancy
Fatima Fazal wanted friendship, love and culture to be reflected in this unique cutlery design. The result were these Heart Part cutlery kits; noticeably shaped like plump hearts, these spoon-fork-knife hybrids are truly heart-warming.

The cutlery kit is not only adorable in appearance, but it is also very practical. Each heart breaks into two pieces, each broken piece with narrow tines that act as a fork. The rounded shape of the half-heart works as a scoop, though it wouldn't be able to hold liquids. The pointier edge on the bottom of the half-heart is welded to serve as a butter knife.

Heart Part cutlery is reusable and made of biodegradable polystyrene. The heart behind the business attempts to bring out the heart in everyday mundane actions.