- Jul 31, 2014
Slick pleated silverware, affectionately engraved utensils and dietary eating supplies are just some of these dynamic cutlery designs. The pieces make any mealtime that much more stylish and fun thanks to their unique look that is sure to spark up conversation.

Whether crafted as a decorative home accent or for practical purposes, these cutlery design examples are set to appeal to decor enthusiasts with a flair for unique housewares. Standouts from the list include designer Louise Campbell's cutlery range that channels an artfully modern aesthetic.

The designer's pieces are a perfect wedding gift for the design-conscious couple and are both practical and aesthetically striking. Along with Cambell's designs, another favorite from the list includes Chan I-Ting and Yeh Ting-Yin's Benefeat Set that is designed to assist cerebral palsy sufferers. This range includes dishware and cutlery with malleable stems that can be customized to the user's preferred angle.

From Slick Pleated Silverware to Affectionately Engraved Utensils: