The Benefeat Set Facilitates the Independence of Cerebral Palsy Sufferers

 - Nov 20, 2013
As you can appreciate in the Benefeat Set, quite a few adjustments can be made to your standard kitchen crockery that can greatly improve its usability for people with disabilities. Specifically, Chan I-Ting and Yeh Ting-Yin were working to accommodate cerebral palsy patients.

The drinking cup enables easier grasping with a generous handle; meanwhile, a small hole in the rim keeps an inserted straw fixed in place. The cutlery have malleable stems so that they can be customized to the user's preferred angle. Finally, the bowl of the Benefeat Set has a broad and highly grippable edge that's angled, allowing the user to orient it so that it's most accessibly side is deeper or shallower, as he desires.