First Date Cutlery Encourages Correct Usage by Warped Forms

 - Sep 24, 2013
References: cristinaguardiola & core77
One of the firsts tests that someone might face in the early stages of a relationship is whether or not he or she has table manners that are up to the other person's standard. First Date Cutlery has been designed to diminish some of the anxiety surrounding a dinner engagement by making it difficult to use the individual implements incorrectly.

Cristina Guardiola accomplished this by changing the shape of two of the eating utensils. The soup spoon can only be sipped from one side and the dessert spoon invites sampling from both to encouraging sharing. The fork and the knife take slightly exaggerated forms, but their key features are magnets embedded in each. The First Date Cutlery allows for the easy crossing of the instruments on one's plate to promote pauses in consumption and conversation throughout the meal.