Pod Design Silverair Cutlery Mimics the Porous Forms Within the Skeleton

 - Feb 6, 2013
References: pod-design
Unless you're using disposable plastic blades and prongs, you're unlikely to doubt the strength of your silverware. In its development of Silverair cutlery, Pod Design really sunk its teeth into this idea by striving to recreate the strength of human bones with a metallic material.

The pieces of flatware within the collection have quite obvious textures that are unusual for formal eating utensils. You'll see organic perforated indents that are defined by a mess of mesh-like threads. Now, if you look at osteogenic specimens under a microscope, you'll find structures that appear to be quite similar.

When the spoon, knife and fork were designed, extra thought was put into the concept of bone density. In Pod Design Silverair cutlery, you'll see that the areas that are more close-packed are the ones that are placed under greater stress.