- Apr 17, 2014
More and more, start-up companies are starting to use vintage-inspired branding concepts for products. In a world of constant technological progression, it is nice to be reminded of something from the past -- even if it is only the packing. This list entails the many companies that create up-to-date products, but infuse them with nostalgic designs and packaging.

Vintage-inspired branding concepts can be commonly associated with craft beers and alcoholic beverages. For example, Miss Mary's beverage company brands its bottles with vintage pin-up girl graphics, and Devil's Peaks' beer packaging channels the 70s spirit.

Other products that have taken on retro designs include all types of kitchenware, coffee cups, popsicles and pet food. Restaurants and stores have even completely re-branded themselves through decor and the products they sell in order to resemble a different time period.

From Retro Pin-Up Packaging to Antique Spoon Branding: