The Vintage Candy Tin by Leone & Amarelli is Super Sweet-Looking

 - May 29, 2011
References: mayalee & thedieline
The Vintage Candy Tin designs by Leone and Amarelli are just as sweet as the candy inside of them. It is a common theme for consumers today to be in search of new products that look or feel old. Each of the Vintage Candy Tin designs is vintage and antique-inspired, providing customers with a retro-modern quality.

The prints and patterns used for the designs are original reprints of the packaging layouts and designs from Italy that are over two centuries old. Leone and Amarelli were both famous candymakers in Italy during the 1800s; Amarelli was known for his licorice and Leone for his hard sweets. In addition to their antique qualities, the vintage Candy Tin designs are adorned in bright, vibrant colors that make them almost as delicious as the candy themselves. Whether you're using them to store candy, gum or any other small possession, they are absolutely adorable.