From Textile Bottle Branding to Hypnotic Beverage Branding

 - Mar 13, 2014
With the amount of brands and products available to choose from, consumers often find it challenging to differentiate one item from other, promoting retailers to turn to more stimulating packages to create greater visual appeal.

While marketing products through simple designs and straightforward techniques is one practical way to appeal to consumers, opting for more thought-provoking and enticing visual effects serves to create more intrigue amongst buyers. Straying away from the more subtle and minimalist designs, these visually stimulating packages feature such aspects as hypnotic colors, geometric shapes and artistically abstract designs, turning ordinary products into more mesmerizing items.

Encouraging consumers to invest more time and effort into analyzing their market approach, these stimulating packages will definitely stand out on store shelves with their use of flamboyant colors and intricate patterns.