Damien Hirst Designs a Very Special Label for a Unique Liquor

 - Oct 23, 2011
References: telegraph & bornrich
Well-known designer Damien Hirst recently collaborated with the makers of Somerset Cider Brandy to create an embellished bottle and box to house the brand's limited run of a 20-year-old cider brandy. The controversial artist known for his work entitled 'For Heaven's Sake,' which featured a baby skull encrusted with diamonds, created the label as a favor to the family behind the prestigious brand. Damien Hirst went forward with the Somerset project from a promise he had made to Alice Temperley, the daughter of the distillery owner Julian Temperley.

The box and bottle were created using a contemporary spin art technique. The vivid and carefree splashes of color that adorn the box and bottle are powerful in their direct simplicity and explosive in their unconfined application. This expressive packaging is the perfect compliment to the prestigious libations it encases. This 20-year Somerset Cider Brandy recently won Protected Geographical Indication from the European Union. The run of this coveted brandy will consist of 500 bottles, 10 of which will be auctioned off to benefit various charities.

A lush advertisement for a luxurious liquor, Damien Hirst has outdone himself with these wild Somerset Cider Brandy labels.