- Feb 16, 2015
The famous Damien Hirst artwork has been coveted amongst art collectors and art purveyors. Hirst is known for his avant garde artwork, most specifically his work pertaining to formaldehyde animals, pharmaceutical art installations and bedazzled skull heads.

Damien Hirst has also collaborated with numerous fashion houses including The Row and Levi's. He takes his well known artwork and reinterprets it for jeans, handbags, dresses and shoes. Hirst also collaborated with Alexander McQueen on their signature skull printed scarves, as both are known for their skull-infused work. The list of Damien Hirst artwork doesn't end with art and fashion collaborations. Hirst also is known for taking his signature artwork and making home decor pieces with it.

From Gilded Mammoth Statues to Fast Food Art Galleries: