'Artist's Face - Balloons' is a Series of Inflatable Self-Portraits

 - Sep 24, 2013
References: laurinapaperina & laughingsquid
Art buffs are going to love Laurina Paperina's newest series 'Artist's Face - Balloons.' Paperina's newest project is exactly what its name suggests: the faces of famous artists on balloons. Damien Hirst and Tracy Emin are just two of the artists featured here. The balloons have a cartoonish look, so much so that the photos could easily be mistaken for a series of hyper-real illustrations.

Even those who don't follow art will enjoy checking out Artist's Face - Balloons. Paperina's latest project is easily one of the most creative series of self-portraits around. The detail and color on each balloon is simply amazing, especially considering how fragile the canvas is. There's a good chance that a few of these balloons may creep you out, but that's a small price to pay.