Whirling Tulip Packaging Embraces a Look of Textural Substantiality

 - Dec 20, 2013
References: emretelli & packagingoftheworld
Whirling Tulip packaging comes to look like a real well-rounded commodity with an image that has much greater depth than its competing products do. Emre Telli of Germany came up with this winning design for the Ülker's Cola Turka beverage, packing quite a few ideas and a dose of heavy visual intrigue into the often boring bottle.

Every inch of these containers has been cloaked in colorful patterns that appear familiar from traditional Turkish fashion, and arts and crafts. Flowers and leaves and all sorts of naturally derived motifs are repeated over the elegant surfaces; they've applied in a way that resembles twisting fabric. Three different versions of Whirling Tulip packaging were made for the company's 10th Anniversary promotion. Each one is fully capable of captivating the consumer, to the successful detriment of other goods on the shelf.