This New Co-op Brewery Branding is Bold, Friendly and Unique

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: littleco & designworklife
Minneapolis design firm Little has recently created a creative and visually appealing brewery branding identity for Fair State Brewing Cooperative that just works.

As Minnesota’s first cooperative brewery, the Fair State Brewing Cooperative wanted to make a bang with its bold and very colorful infinity-inspired brewery branding identity to portray the co-op's focus on producing exquisitely crafted beer and building a strong sense of community.

"Inspired by this passion, we are developing a unique brand position, naming, identity system, website, packaging and merchandise that reflect the brewery’s one-for-all feel. At the heart of the identity is the iconic "infinity beer", which speaks to the unending connection between brewer and community and the joy to be found in a collective perspective," says the design team at Little.