BEEloved Honey by Tamara Mihajlovic is Full of Refracted Forms

 - Mar 5, 2013
At first the BEEloved Honey bottle appears to have an abstract organic aesthetic that simply ties in with the natural quality of the product. Nevertheless, the refracted form was greatly influenced by the hexagonal shape of the honeycomb coupled with the shape of a rock. Like a precious gem, the BEEloved Honey bottle subtly suggests how valuable each drop of honey is.

Designed by Tamara Mihajlovic, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Belgrade, Serbia, the BEEloved Honey branding extends to the logo and typography aesthetic as well. Inspired by the diamond lines found on a bee's wing, the theme of refraction is continued through these two sectors as well. Cohesive, clean and appropriate, the BEEloved Honey brand is on point.