Doublevee Packaging Visually Alludes to Stimulating Flavor

 - Feb 28, 2013
References: & packagingoftheworld
The way that the brain works makes it likely that the eyes' perception of an intricate sight will translate into the notion of an elaborate taste -- when one observes the dressing up of edible goods. Doublevee Mixed Drinks packaging certainly has a stimulating image, defined by a range of different patterns and motifs that decorate the various concoctions.

Crisscrossing lines, polka-dots, floral forms and geometric shapes cover the top half of each soft drink can, expressing more aesthetic variety through the use of bright colors and hue combinations. There is an effervescence to the appearance of Katrina Radic's Doublevee Mixed Drinks packaging that does well to represent the contents of each container. Found inside are blends of juice and vodka, whiskey and cola, gin and tonic, and more.