The Noodles Fork Combines Chopsticks with the Many-Pronged Implement

 - Sep 26, 2013
Noodles are enjoyed in both the East and the West, yet the eating utensils employed to raise them from dish to mouth are remarkably different. The Noodles Fork was inspired by the advantages of each style and the designers have managed to cook up an effective fusion.

It begins with two tips that resemble two-pronged forks, missing a couple of spikes each in their middles. When these overlap, they form a four-pointed implement that makes it much easier for the eater to catch and twirl spaghetti or soba with success.

At a certain stage, the pasta often starts to slip off of the prongs, and this is when you'll benefit from the Noodles Fork's chopstick function. Pinch the ends together and your serving will stay in place for a much better-mannered mealtime.