This Eating Implement Takes the Shape of Various Animals' Teeth

 - Dec 2, 2011
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The Eating Implement by Azusa Murakami is a whimsical play on the notion that the human mouth has evolved to rely on the assistance of cutlery when consuming food. The concept is a compelling one that makes man's set of pearly whites seem inferior to those of his feral friends.

So here, the artist suggests a new type of eating utensil that's inspired by the different varieties of denticles found amidst the animal kingdom. A tongue-like scoop, tusk-like fangs, canines, incisors and an adaptation of a molar make up the peculiarly pronged fork-spoon-knife hybrid.

People hardly think about it, but silverware does essentially begin the chewing process on the plate in front of you. However, one can imagine that it may take a while to establish a dinner table etiquette fit for the Eating Implement by Azusa Murakami.