- Nov 3, 2013
Kitchen cutlery is something we use almost every day of our lives, making it something we don't really think about too often. These exceptionally funky fork designs, however, will have you reconsidering the ways you use these typically standard items. Whether the fork is inspiring a modern chair or acting as the driving force behind a piece of art, the fork revolution is endless.

One of the immediate stand-out items on the list is David Olschewski's pitchfork coat rack. This design uses a fork's end as the hooks in an unusual yet forward-thinking way.

Sporks are also wildly prominent on this list as seen with the all-in-one cutlery piece as well as the heart-shaped forks, which would be very appropriate as a quirky Valentine's day present.

Get inspired for your own home with this spectacularly wacky kitchen cutlery designs.

These Unusual Kitchen Cutlery Products Add Whimsy to Eating and Cooking: