The 'T-Skull Titanium Spork' is a Ghoulish 3-in-one Utensil

 - Mar 24, 2012
References: tripleaughtdesign & coolmaterial
The 'T-Skull Titanium Spork' is the product of an epic collaboration between the creative masters at Triple Aught Design and Snow Peak. Known for its ability to fuse spoon and fork in one, the spork has been progressively welcomed at the dinner table around the globe as a trail-blazing utensil. And why not? It does, after all, offer the best of both worlds.

The T-Skull Titanium spork is the best of its kind as far as style goes. With skulls lining the utensil's handle, a spooky, if not evil vibe is given off; a great way to start the rebel's meal. This handle also provides for an optimal grip, and is therefore as useful as it is cool.

As if the ghoulish design wasn't enough, the long 6.5" T-Skull Titanium Spork handle may also be used as a knife. So long fork, knife and spoon. These tools may be missed, but probably not.