The 'Snack and Stack Utensil Set' Combines Dinnertime With Playtime

 - Jan 28, 2009
References: vat19
Stop playing with your food! Well, if you can’t play with your food, at least you can play with your utensils. The Snack and Stack Utensil Set allows you to stack your utensils with interlocking rivets on the handles. Then, of course, you can pull apart your knife, and fork, and chow down on your favorite snack.

This set is perfect for the couple with a toddler who wants to run around and play during supper time. Now, the child will sit still as they are memorized by the stacking action of their fork and spoon. These are perfect for adults as well when you need a handy way to keep your utensils together when you go out for a picnic, or just carrying your lunch to work (maybe your boss has a water pistol in the top drawer of their desk.)

If you’re looking for fun on the run, then the Snack and Stack Utensil Set is right for, I mean your kid!