AKA The Chopstick Fork

 - Mar 27, 2007
References: lrstudiofurniture & slashfood
Do you love Asian Cuisine? Be it Chinese, Thai or Korean... you probably feel rather inadequate if you have no other choice but to chow down with a fork... especially if the chick you're dating is oh so limber with a pair of chopsticks. So, check out the Chork otherwise known as the Chopstick Fork. It's a slick invention really. It's all about the Asian styling but it's really just a cleverly-disguised FORK, like the one we all know how to use. And it makes you look super cool and in the know... what's not to love? Plus, you still can't pick up an entire mouthful with this dainty tool... so you'll hit the finish line just about the same time as your culturally-inclined date.