Forkchops Lets Westerners Eat Like Asians

 - Jun 9, 2009   Updated: Mar 28 2011
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For those of you who just can’t seem to grasp how to use chopsticks, Forkchops will solve your problem!

These cheater chopsticks are handy utensils that allow you to switch over to a knife and fork whenever you get frustrated with using your chopsticks.

Forkchops come in a variety of colours, and are made of durable plastic.

Implications - The rise in popularity of fusion cuisine has introduced a new generation of diners to ethnic cuisine. Unfortunately, not all of these diners are accustomed to eating with chopsticks or other culture-specific utensils. Savvy product designers have addressed this need by creating hybrid eating utensils that help frustrated consumers enjoy ethnic food without apprehension.