Grill Wrangler Combines Three Implements in One for Efficient Food Prep

 - Mar 20, 2013
References: quirky
Preparing food over the barbecue can be enough of a juggling act without the need for a variety of different utensils. It is expected, however, that backyard chefs greatly benefit from three separate implements, no matter what they're cooking up.

The Grill Wrangler by Quirky is a three-in-one contraption that integrates a pair of tongs, a BBQ fork and a spatula. The flipper and the two-pronged piercer are most effective when the pincers are clipped together, with the bent handle in compression.

The cook is provided with smooth plastic handgrips that are bolted into the stainless steel utensil. The Grill Wrangler also features an easy-release slider for exposing and retracting its pair of spikes.