- Aug 27, 2014
With Labor Day fast approaching, grill masters are sure to love this list of long weekend bbq essentials. From portable briefcase grills to sophisticated barbecue apps, this list of long weekend favorites is bound to make your backyard meal that much more delicious and stress-free.

While products like collapsible and streamlined grilling machines are aiming to save space and providing their consumers with barbecued food on-the-go, other products like sci-fi skewers are looking to popular culture for their inspiration.

Whether you're searching for a novelty product or something that is much more practical than your everyday barbecue, there is something for everyone in this list of long weekend bbq essentials. The list includes grilling machine models, bbq accessories and even sauce kits that are sure to make your family gathering one for the books.

From Portable Briefcase Barbecues to BBQ Sidekick Apps: