Mod Barbecue by Andreia Fernandes is a Modular Meal-Maker

 - Apr 7, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Industrial designers have an intrinsic ability to conceive remarkable products. The best of them often offer customization with their creations, as is the case in the Mod Barbecue by Andreia Fernandes.

Executed in collaboration with Barreirinhas-Artecfactos Cement Ltd., the contemporary BBQ is constructed of concrete claps, cut and beveled in such a way that allows the overall form to be modular, and consequently completely adaptable. Painted charcoal black, the pieces fit together snugly to form full and half hexagons that can serve as storage shelves and food preparation surfaces. Only the six-sided grill cubby and the rectangular chimney must remain connected, providing a way to direct the smoke from cooking your steak or hamburgers. A chic addition to any modern patio, the Mod Barbecue by Andreia Fernandes puts sophistication on the menu.