Load Up the Condiment Gun and Blast Away at Scrumptious BBQ Food

 - Jun 16, 2011
References: fredflare & incrediblethings
For your next BBQ, arm yourself with the Condiment Gun because you may need it -- for culinary purposes, of course.

Standard bottles can be a bit dull, and if people are going to be squirting ketchup and mustard at others, you might as well let them do it properly with the Condiment Gun. Load up this saucy item with anything you want and it'll do the job of spreading dressing on food with ghetto fun. It's perfect for entertaining kids as well, although I'd probably keep it away from them as its use may be abused.

To spice up your BBQ party, the Condiment Gun will do just the trick. It's quirky, amusing and it'll make the grill man look even more manly.